Get Known The Characters of Meme Comic Indonesia

Is there anyone who knows about the meme? Maybe some of you know and the others do not know anything. For you who do not know yet about a meme, a meme is geology that is known as cultural character, including idea, feeling, or act. The meme can spread easily and quickly because a meme can be imitated easily and the spreading is just like a virus.

Now, have you ever heard meme comic? This term maybe still unfamiliar in some peoples ears but perhaps you ever see pictures with some characters and expressions on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and anything else. If you do not know, the characters of meme comic have their own names and meanings. Here are some of them.

Derp and Derpina

Derp is a male character that characterized as a fool and dumb meme. He often does stupid activities. He has a twin called drainage that has the same characterization. If you noticed, both of them have cockeyes that are symbolizing the dumb people in America.


Here is an adorable and annoyed character on meme comic. Also, this character is more stupid than derp and which always has a stupid and annoying statement on the meme.

Troll Face

This character is the most ignorant character in meme comic Indonesia. He does like to copy and make the other characters annoyed because of him. Actually, he is smart but his intelligence is misused to be ignorant people. He also has a unique face with a sadistic smile just like teasing people around. For your information, he is the character that has lots of fans.

Genius Face

Besides troll face, the genius face is a smart character as well but the creator makes this character to insinuate someone’s genius. Commonly, it is for someone who is too genius.

True Story

This meme is to express something that really happens in reality. For example, the experience that is mostly experienced by people.

Forever Alone

Like his name, this character is a lonely character on meme comic. He always does everything along without friends, family, or girlfriend. Even on Facebook, it is told that he does not have any friends to accompany him. Such a lonely character.

There are still lots of character on meme comic Indonesia but those are some memes that are famous and viral in Indonesia. It means that memes have lots of fans and many people like them.

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